Top Questions

  • What is Being?

    Being is a certification for healthcare businesses who are committed to using their business as a force for good by improving health and wellbeing.

    A healthcare provider’s ability to generate good health outcomes hinges on the quality of their business practices. The Being Diagnostic tool & Certification Framework recognises and rewards businesses who are doing good business in the name of health and wellbeing.

  • Why was it created?

    The nature of healthcare is changing. There is pressure to update health business models to meet the changing need of customers and the industry, but this takes time, effort and knowledge. To add to the challenge, it can be difficult to get quality, healthcare specific business advice.

    Being was created to help reward and support healthcare businesses who genuinely believe in improving health and wellbeing outcomes for their clients and their communities.

  • Do I have to be in Australia to apply?

    No, you can be anywhere in the world.

Assessment and certification

  • What is the Being Diagnostic Framework?

    The Being Diagnostic Framework is a series of questions about your business – it’s like a survey. Years of working with healthcare businesses and organisations have helped us develop an understanding of where common gaps and opportunities for improvement lie. The diagnostic framework helps to share this understanding, giving your business a score that lets you know how healthy your business is and opportunities for improvement. It takes about an hour to complete.

  • What's involved in Being Certification?

    For your business to become Being certified, you need complete the following steps:

    1. Submit a completed Being self-assessment using the diagnostic tool and earn a verified score of at least 70%.

    2. Make an annual fee payment.

    3. Submit documentation to support your Being self-assessment (you will receive an email explaining what you need to provide).

    Your self-assessment will then be validated by an independent business (to ensures that the process is transparent). If everything is in order, you will officially be Being certified.

  • What happens after Being Certification?

    Once your businesses certification has been validated you will:

    • Receive a Being certification report and certificate

    • Be able to use of Being's intellectual property including (but not limited to) the name ‘Being’ and the Being marketing collateral, consistent with the brand usage guidelines provided by Being

    • Be able to access information, training, events and support only available to the Being community

    Once your business is Being certified we will:

    • Promote your business’ name and logo for the limited purpose of promoting the community of Being businesses

    • Undertake an on-site assessment if your business is selected (see the question about on-site review)

    • Continue to comment, curate, connect and create information and knowledge for the Being community so that your business can continue generate daily progress, meaningful purpose and lasting value
  • What is the Being community?

    The Being community is alive with ambitious healthcare business owners and business professionals. As pert of the Being community, you'll be surrounded with like minded leaders who understand you, will challenge you, push you and inspire you to raise your business standards, outcomes and impact.

    Once in the Being community you will be able to interact with your fellow Being community members. Challenge one another, share ideas, ask for help, gain invaluable feedback and insights from those right there in the trenches with you. Taking your business to the next level with the drive and dedication that comes from the community.

    The Being community also has access to utilise the tactical, practical and action-oriented skills from a range of business industry experts. They will share their advice on what it takes to lead in today's every changing society. Just one idea from these experts could completely change your business and your life.

  • What's an on-site review?

    To maintain the credibility of Being certification, in addition to the assessment process required for 100% of businesses seeking certification, 10% of all certified Being businesses are reviewed on-site every year. Being's goal for on-site review is to verify the accuracy of the businesses responses on the Being assessment, and will generally involve requests for additional documentation, interviews with the business owner/manager and staff, and a brief facilities tour.

  • What do I do if I need help?

    That's what we’re here for. If you need additional assistance beyond the resources provided online then drop us an email at or register to participate at one of our Being Bootcamps.

  • What are Being Bootcamps?

    Our Being Bootcamps cover the must know skills, strategies and frameworks for meteoric business improvement. Each element of your business, your business context and your business market is broken down and the facilitators extract what you need to know and present it in an easy way to follow, implement and see real results from. With the Being Bootcamp you'll know exactly how to implement the knowledge shared and reap the rewards.

    To find out when and where your nearest Being Bootcamp is being ran drop us an email at


  • How does billing work?

    All businesses are required to provide credit card payment of their first year's certification fees prior to certification. If there are any concerns resulting from the external certification validation process a Being Consultant will work with your organisation.

    The second year's certification fees will be automatically charged the following year unless Being is given 30 days written notice of decertification.

  • How much does Being Certification cost?

    Being Certification fees are charge based on a business' annual revenue:

    $1 - $249,999 in revenue: $1,000 per annum

    $250,000 - $499,999 in revenue: $1,500 per annum

    $500,000 - $749,999 in revenue: $2,000 per annum

    $750,000 plus: let's talk