What is Being?

Being is a certification for healthcare businesses who are committed to using their business as a force for good by improving health and wellbeing.

A healthcare provider’s ability to generate good health outcomes hinges on the quality of their business practices. The Being Diagnostic tool & Certification recognises and rewards businesses who are doing good business in the name of health and wellbeing.

Why was it created?

The nature of healthcare is changing. There is pressure to update health business models to meet the changing need of customers and the industry, but this takes time, effort and knowledge. To add to the challenge, it can be difficult to get quality, healthcare specific business advice.

Being was created to help reward and support healthcare businesses who genuinely believe in improving health and wellbeing outcomes for their clients and their communities.

Is it for me?

Being has been created for the people running modern healthcare businesses. People who value health. People who make it their business to make people better and keep them better. People who know that good business is essential to support good health outcomes. People who care about the wellbeing of their colleagues and staff, as well as their clients.

If you relate to these values, then Being is for you.

How do I get Being Certified?

To see if your business qualifies for Being Certification complete a Being self-assessment. If you still have questions about who we are or how the certification process works check out our FAQs or email us on info@beinghealth.org.